Custom Craft for Customized Song Honnebox

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Express Your Feelings!

Fully customized music box both the song and the design inside the box!

Get creative and unleash your inner designer self with this Custom Craft for Customized Song Honnebox! Now we provide you the option to customize both the design and song of your own. Grab your own personalized music box now!

The music box is operated by turning the hand crank as the music strip is feed through the music box movement. 20 blank music strip is included and a hole puncher in order to write your own music in minutes.

*Browse high-quality images and fonts. 
*Upload a saved design or draw your own.

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Pick the song
*Choose a song that available on the list.

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Tell us any additional details
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*A member of our customs team will be in touch with you for quality assurance.
*We make your music box [with love] and deliver it to your door.

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